Newfoundland: Crush and Rut

BY Tony Mancus

We're not lame here
it's just time
we ran back and forth
to change things

out. One machine did
the circles another one
did the jitter and jig
but it took a while and
chewed up all

our quarters. Here's a picture
of you as a child
with your favorite pair
of overalls on and the animal
you'd never want to win

from the claw game stuck
up in your stockings. 
There's a new patch of grass
stalking our shadows

on a hill behind us—look how the sun
has even gotten simpler
since it began 

wearing the wings we gave it.
It dips its face into the ocean
just beyond wherever

we are in time. For me
when the storms crowd
is best: we can stick our tongues out
into the water and not get a shock.

Bottle Heavy

I am writing my will is a concert. I am selling all of my garden devices. What makes things so green. The captain wears his hat and I am selling him the riggings. Trading him my vessel and bucket of saliva, the harrowing light of any Sunday when sport has stopped and warm weather and handshakes begin again to people this corner of the world. 

The truth is, my ship doesn’t move so much, but I am afloat within it. A tiny canteen strapped to my hip, the water there and outside tastes like salt. What’s buoyed inside me has a name. 


Tony reads "Newfoundland: Crush and Rut" & "Bottle Heavy"

Tony Mancus is the author of three chapbooks: Bye Land, Bye Sea, and Diplomancy. He co-founded Flying Guillotine Press with Sommer Browning in 2008. He works as a quality assurance specialist and lives in Rosslyn, VA with his wife Shannon and their two yappy cats.