New America Moderne

BY Adam Day

Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. America, Route
128. You have been lovers of cities: the romance
of abandoned mines and foundry stacks. The new
world is just around the corner, the ant-carved
skull of a felled elephant. But it’s only geography
and customs, it’s a Garry Cooper story and it shines
like Sammy’s knees. It travels but is always
the same, modern life. The way the illuminated
edges of clouds seem to give duration
to lightning. Big city mouse with a factory
wife, do a little dance on the kitchen
table. Human objects and nonhuman subjects,
the question to asks is: did we enjoy ourselves? 


Adam Day is the author of A Model of City in Civil War (Sarabande Books), and is the
recipient of a PSA Chapbook Fellowship for Badger, Apocrypha, and of a PEN Emerging Writers Award. His poems have appeared in Boston Review, The Kenyon Review, American Poetry Review, ana Turner, The Iowa Review, and elsewhere. He directs The Baltic Writing Residency in Latvia, Scotland, and Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest.