from Self-Portrait of a Poet Via Macroscopy

by Travis A Sharp


How much person. How many. In which organizational structure. I woke to a lattice both recognizable and. How much person am I. How to measure. What is mistaken. Mistakenly I barricaded. Surrounded by objects I didn’t understand. I never learned to climb. To crawl. To crow unmistakable conclusions. This solitude was the beginning of starvation was the beginning of obsessive charting was the beginning of tender was the beginning of repeat after me was the beginning of stop was the beginning of quiet. What is produced. I have happily. I have a sad. The woman in the dream wakes next to me and speaks. Is it you or is it you.


Travis A Sharp is a queer poet and book artist, an editor and designer at Essay Press, and a PhD student in English and the Poetics Program at the University at Buffalo. He has an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from the University of Washington, Bothell, and has published poems in Columbia Poetry Review, LIT, Puerto del Sol, and elsewhere.