from Insecurity System

BY Sara Wainscott

In response to an attack
the public reflects / feet of women in Gucci sandals
secure their shadows to the world. 

Bones show up everywhere
in poems. I must make space for them.


I must try to have sex
dreams in which I contribute more vigorously.
Clouds illustrate 

the air’s colossal control. I’d like
that wouldn’t I—?
If art is art, it won’t shut up

Consciousness is uncomfortable
but once in awhile, baby, 
it’s great to feel rich.


It’s great to feel rich
and be surrounded by the evidence of riches:

museums leave wall space between the paintings
to show what’s worth most
is effortlessness.

In the balloon gallery
hot air costs / nothing to view

In bed I turn aside though I am willing
to turn back somehow into a basket
spilling silver fish guts at a photograph’s edge:

do stroke / my nape / because coils warm red
cannot get out / a grassland I recline / hold my head

because willow boughs / will you / lie with me in white /
leaking out / not ready to try for it


Leaking out / not ready to try for it / because if I am a dumb bitch 
then it’s my job to tell myself / when I am sitting in a blue skirt
by water / water takes on the sky’s circumstances / if I am a horse
for work I want to work / if I am a horse for show I want to show
beautifully / water as sallow as yellow glass / and my wrist hurts
because I wrote a note to a mother because her boy swallowed
a lake / because the current pulled him back / if he can not get out
I can not get out / little fishes moving back and forth in a glass /  
because wrongly I would rather be quiet than wrong / because
given the circumstances I make allowance / because here you are
having fun and your brother lays there dying
/ if I am a horse / 
if I am a boy / if the amount of matter is always exactly the same
 / I show my stomach to a doctor / water the color of worn money / 
water the color of olives  


Sara Wainscott has recent work appearing or forthcoming in The Journal Petra, Powder Keg, Unsplendid, DIAGRAM, Masque & Spectacle, Your Impossible Voice, The Account, and elsewhere. She co-curates Wit Rabbit, an inter-genre reading series in Chicago.