"It felt like stealing and I loved it."


"I ate the bugs that ate the peaches and then I ate the peaches."


"A gun gives you the body, not the bird."


"Hold the right fig to your ear and you can hear the universe."


"It is August, 1991 and I am in love."

#9 & #8

"The villain wants to be loved, but so does the gun."


"This city isn’t big enough for all the things I want."


"Time is a palette knife, a stab wound."


"Nothing is so slick as the red marrow from a femur."


"If I fly drowned in my wine, I would swallow the fly."


"Life is a plan explained in screams."


"Careful, once you break the skin, it’s your mango."


"There were so many serial killers to fall in love with those days."


"The honey is mine. But so is the dark."


"Nothing burns like a cavity."


"His body works like a kitchen sponge."


"He unfolded his palms into a compass of stars."