New & Selected

BY Flower Conroy

Words for empty
and words for full:
noose and hook.
The floating bridge?
No Heaven.
Flying at night?
The invention
of the kaleidoscope.
Love on the streets—
red sugar; shadow ball;
leaping poetry. 
In praise of falling:
view from a temporary window.
For a limited time only:
questions about angels.
Dismantling the hills
domestic interior
          domain of perfect affection. 
The art of drowning:
picnic, lightning.
Night clerk at the Hotel
of Both Worlds,
my brother is getting
arrested again.
The endarkenment: 
the contracted world—
Cloud moving hands.
The last person to hear
your voice:
Burn and dodge.
After the fall:
this clumsy living.


Flower Conroy is a poet and collage artist. She earned a BA in Literature and Language from the Richard Stockton College of NJ. Ms. Conroy has been published in the American Literary Review, Oberon, Serving House Journal, Psychic Meatloaf and/or is forthcoming in The Moose and Pussy. Her favorite color is the spectrum of green. She currently resides in Key West, FL.

"New & Selected" is a found poem, extracted from Pitt Poetry 2010 titles.